Aida Bañeres

Aida Bañeres

Aida is a London- based Catalan editor, cinematographer, photographer and (semi-retired) DJ. 

She has a passion for culture and music and she is a innate creative entrepreneur; her initiative and can-do attitude, inspired her in 2011 to start her own Festival Terrasseta de Santa Tecla, a 10-day music and film festival in Spain, coordinating a 25 people team.

Aida has worked as a freelance cinematographer and editor for more than 10 years and has worked for clients such as KinkyBootsUk, Nike, La Española, Hyundai, Koovs, Boiler Room, Budweiser, Bush Theatre, Queen Mary University, WXG…

During these years she worked in all stages of post-production from editing archive and analogic footage, to edit, colour grading and create GFX, to shot in DSLR to cinema cameras. 

When she is not editing or filming she is doing sports like football or climbing; or watching documentaries for Doc’n’Roll Film Festival where she collaborate as a programmer.