Fiona Brands

 Fiona Brands

Fiona grew up in the german countryside and from an early age, spent her time reading hundreds of books, watching films and TV shows, playing video games and imagining a bigger world that wasn’t available to her. Finally as a young adult, she made the move to spent a year living in New Zealand to explore what was out there and in the progress realising that what she loved most was right in front of her: Telling stories with pictures and especially doing that through the art of editing. 

Still in New Zealand she applied for a degree in Editing and Sound Design in Cologne, Germany and spent the next 3 years learning everything about filmmaking and editing in the process. 

During the studies and beyond she started working as an assistant editor, mostly for the same editor, who took her on a multitude of different projects, which really made her appreciate the versatility of the moving images and also kept her on her toes learning about different workflows, expectations and personalities to work with. 

Always with her heart set on telling stories herself, she gradually edited more and more on her own and finally gave up assisting to edit a feature, TV shows and lots of shorts, music videos and trailers. 

But the big wide world was still calling and she decided to relocate to London, applying for a Masters at the National Film and Television School, which she got accepted and permanently moved to the UK for. Being around lots of international people she realised again how different everyones experience of storytelling is and how much of an opportunity it is to learn from these different experiences as an editor telling those unique stories. 

You can see this now in the kinds of projects she is interested in. Still wearing multiple hats she works in TV Drama as well as feature films, shorts, commercials and music videos. Moving from one to the other allows her to have important insights into the different kinds of editing and the cross over can be used in a multitude of ways benefitting the different genres and styles. 

Still an avid consumer of books, films, TV shows and video games, she also enjoys working out and looking after herself to counter balance the time spent on the couch. At the same time, it’s important to her to be part of a community and she also invests her time supporting and helping other filmmakers and editors (friends). 

She gets very invested in the projects she is working on and has finished a lot of them with a new set of friends, who like to come back to her edit suite with the next story to tell.