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Punanimation was founded in April 2015, by 3 friends: Bee GrandinettiHedvig Ahlberg and Linn Fritz.

Although we were originally just 3, today our whole community is built by over 2000 women, trans and non-binary friends from all over the world, working within the many different fields and specializations of animation and motion graphics.

We were a bit tired of this industry being too much of a boy’s club, so we decided to do something about it.

Punanimation started as a Facebook group, aiming to bring the ladies, trans and non-binary friends together. The community started to expand and our dear members helped shaping it into a lively, inspiring and awesome platform to exchange knowledge and support.

Since then, we've been receiving so many words of encouragement from our members that it just confirms this was not only the right thing to do, but very much needed.

This pushed us to work on the next, bigger step: putting together a directory that makes it easy for anyone to get a hold of that talent.

No more excuses for male-only studios, speaker line-ups and director rosters. Diversity exists, it's got skills and it's here.

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Illuminatrix is a collective of female cinematographers based in the UK and working internationally. Each of us has over five years of professional industry experience working as a Director of Photography. 

We are an eclectic group of unique talents whose work stretches across narrative, documentary and commercial genres.

Girls in Film

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Girls in Film represents, champions and connects the new generation of female-identified creatives in the film industry. 

With a book of contacts and years of experience in film production, GiF is taking on the active role of forging meaningful collaborations between the film creatives and brands, institutions and media to create original and engaging film content.

girlsinfilm.net is a video platform that provides a showcase for compelling and groundbreaking short films, music videos, artistic moving image, documentaries, animation and other videos created by bold female filmmakers around the world.

Through our events, GiF provides an opportunity to connect the global network of female filmmakers with one another, as well as presenting their work to the industry at large, creating a space for conversation and collaboration.

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Facebook - Private Group

KUNTINUUM is an artist-run salon centering self ID'd lesbians, bi and queer women, trans and non-binary folx.

We are quite film-centric although welcome folx from all creative disciplines and political and social activism backgrounds.

We meet quarterly IRL in London.

We are also a feminist sex positive space.

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The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots initiative supporting emerging talent in post production.

We have over 8000 members worldwide, with hubs in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Our meet-ups and educational events are always free and accessible to all. Over 80% of our revenue supports a program that sends low income post production workers to industry events that would otherwise be out of reach. Our organisation is run entirely by volunteers who also work full time in the film, television, and media industry.

We believe by making education and mentorship opportunities accessible, we will make a more inclusive industry where all kinds of people can succeed and contribute to the future of motion pictures in all forms.



We are a collective of award-winning female directors dedicated to the creation of more films by and about women. 

We are BAFTA winners, Screen Stars of Tomorrow, Broadcast Hotshots, Breakthrough Brits and Emmy nominees. We are funded by the BFI, Creative England and The Wellcome Trust. We are participants of iFeatures, Microwave, Cinefoundation and Torino Lab. We are working with BBC Films, Film4, Pathe, Endor, Ruby Films, eOne, Baby Cow, Big Talk, Canal Plus, Channel 5, Film London, ITV, MTV, NBC Universal, Netflix, Picturehouses, Syfy and Sky.

We currently have more than 100 members and meet in London once a month to offer each other hands-on advice and share relevant experience.

We support each other’s theatrical releases, share an internal database of resources, host masterclasses, put on special events and run a writers group.

Free The Bid


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The whole corporate world needs to fix its diversity issue – because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s a good idea for business. If creativity can be described as “thinking outside the box,” then it would seem obvious that diversity would only increase creativity. Embracing multiple genders, races, sexual orientations… all of these are important because they help to make companies and brands more creative, empathetic and representative of their customers and of society at large.


A vicious cycle: At the bidding stage, ad agencies typically present three directors per film/spot. Most women don’t get a chance to build competitive reels after years of gender bias. Ad agencies end up with 3 male directors bids. Production companies don’t have incentive to sign more women.


Ad agencies and brands get one WOMAN DIRECTOR’S bid on EVERY job!


Women continue to struggle for representation across the film industry globally. One social barrier particularly affects women, although it applies to everyone: Family vs. Film

We believe conversations make change happen, and we want things to change. We are losing too much talent to the choice many filmmakers are forced to make, between being a parent and making films. We don’t believe this choice is necessary, but rather a product of social and economic conditions, and we want to start a conversation about how change can be made for filmmakers who want to have a family and continue their careers.

This is about development, sustainability and diversity. RAISING FILMS aims to address one of the issues that prevents many female filmmakers from pursuing their careers, to enable filmmakers with families to keep working and feel supported during demanding times in their personal lives, and to challenge at a structural level the demands the film industry makes of all of us.

Our strategies include:

  • gathering qualitative data, via our interviews, testimonials and case studies

  • gathering quantitative data in collaboration with academic and industry organisations, for presentation to policy makers, towards structural change, for example our Making It Possible survey

  • sharing stories, news and resources via Facebook and Twitter to build a supportive community

  • sharing evidence and data within the industry to change practices around childcare provision

  • creating a fund to enable filmmakers with families to pay for childcare

  • creating an industry standard to recognise a duty of care for publicly-funded productions

Women in Film & TV


Women in Film & TV (UK) is the leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in the UK and part of an international network of over 13,000 women. Members of our organisation come from a broad range of professions spanning the entire creative-media industry.

We host a variety of events throughout the year, present a prestigious awards ceremony every December and run a mid-career mentoring programme for women.

We also host networking evenings, collaborate with industry bodies on research projects and lobby for women’s interests.

The Fawcett Society


The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life. Our vision is a society in which women and girls in all their diversity are equal and truly free to fulfill their potential
creating a stronger, happier, better future for us all.

We’ve been advancing women’s equality since 1866 when at just 19, Millicent Fawcett collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes. She went on to lead the constitutional suffrage campaign and made this cause her lifetime’s work, securing equal voting rights 62 years later.

Today we continue her legacy of fighting sexism and gender inequality through hard-hitting research. Our national campaigns shape the debate and drive change - and they are only made possible through the support of our members. Be part of our movement for equality.

 The Fawcett Society campaigns to:

Close the gender pay gap. At current rates of progress, it will take 62 years to close it.

Secure equal power. Just 30% of MPs and 33% of councillors are women.

Challenge attitudes and change minds. 20% of men aged 25-34 say women’s equality has ‘gone too far’.

Defend women’s rights post-Brexit. There must be no turning the clock back.

Telephone: 0203 598 6154

Email: info@fawcettsociety.org.uk


APA’s - Good Karma Collective


Our Good Karma Collective comprises a range of initiatives and charities working within our industry to provide a practical solution for APA members committed to creating an inclusive and inspiring industry.

Aimed at allowing our members to get involved in these fantastic initiatives & to act as a hub for generating some Good Karma!